the truth about the Principality

Deed of donation
From Count Guidone di Ventimiglia to the Monks of Lerino
Official confirmation of borders
Between the Counts of Ventimiglia and the Monks of Lerino
Statutes and regulations
Drafting of the statutes and regulations of the Abbey of Seborga
Il Luigino (petit Louis)
Authorisation of the King of France Louis XIV to mint the Luigino, the first official coin of the Principality.
Alienation to the Savoy
January 30, 1729, alienation of the principality to the Savoy family.
Organization of the Principality of Seborga
Contribute to the Abbey Principality of Seborga

From 1730 to 1945

From 1946 until today

Abbot settlement

On Saturday, December 28th, in the ``mystical setting of Seborga`` - the ancient Cistercian monastic principality, today located in the province of Imperia - the ceremony of appointment and installation of Father Mitrate of the Monastic Order of Seborga, Father Giovanni de Lucia, took place.

Organization of the Principality of Seborga

Monastic Council

State Council

Crown Council

Dicasters Council

Dear citizens...

I hereby announce to you that on 29 of December 2019 the Monastic Order of Seborga was established within the Polish National Catholic Church of the Principality of Monaco, in communion with the Italian Orthodox Church Ancient Eastern Autocephalous Church, in order to reconstitute, as it was originally, the former Abbey Principality of Seborga...

Contribute to the Abbey Principality of Seborga

Why support the Monastic Order?

The Monastic Order of Seborga is a religious organisation within the Polish National Catholic Church in Monaco (Principality) in a spirit of ecumenical communion with the Italian Orthodox Church Old Eastern Autocephalous.
Supporting our religious organization allows us to foster dialogue among all Christians of the world so that they may be united in Christ.
Gathered together in Seborga, the first cistening state of Humanity, destination of many Knights, including Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and Saint John of Matha, we wish to rediscover this message of fraternal love which was taught by Christ Our Lord.
Join us and profess faith in Christ in the service and for the betterment of humanity for the preservation of our beloved planet.

Why become a monk?

Being a monk in today’s world means sharing a unique experience of living together with other brothers, but it does not oblige you to live in chastity and community.
Most of our monks are “converse”, that is, they live with their families, but they share a common life path with other brothers.
They dedicate the time they have available to volunteer with other confreres in the service of the monastic Order and its spiritual guide, Abbot Mitrate Prince of Seborga, in order to build a place of common life with full respect for Mother Earth and according to the principle of fraternal love transmitted by Jesus Christ.
If you wish to have more information, contact us and we will send you the application form to become a novice. If you want to continue on this path of true brotherly love, you can become a monk and brother of the Abbey of Seborga.

Why become a lay volunteer?

To be a lay volunteer of the Monastic Order of Seborga is to be at the disposal of the monks and their Abbot Mitrate and Prince of Seborga to support the work of ecumenical dialogue between all the Christians of the Way and to help in the work of reconstructing the former abbey state of Seborga.
You can make yourself available for community service and dedicate your free time to a specific task according to your professional and cultural abilities.
Put your life at the service of your neighbour and you will rediscover the fraternal love you have always sought in yourself.
Join us and become a lay volunteer of the Orcine Monastico de Seborga.

Primary objectives of the Abbey

On 28 December 2019 the Abbey Principality was reactivated in Seborga with the consequent solemn settlement of the Prince-Abate, head of the Monastic Order of Seborga, spiritual guide of the Abbey and sovereign of the regularly reconstituted Abbey State.
The primary objectives of the Abbey Principality of Seborga are briefly summarised:

UN Recognition

Italian Autonomy

Eco State

Events 2020

Events in preparation for the association La Vela Bianca of the Ancient Principality of Seborga

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