The Council of State

Art. 52. The State Council consists of at least two Secretaries of State who have the function of Vicar General of the Abbey. Its preponderant function is consultative in order to give its opinion on bills and ordinances submitted to its examination by the Prince.
He can also be consulted on any other project.
Its organization and functioning are fixed by a specific Sovereign Order.

Father Athanasios
(alias Roberto Bertinetti)

Vicar General
Vicar General of Abbey and Secretary of State
Priest of the Orthodox Church Autocephalous Old Oriental Church since July 27, 2019
Vicar General of the Abbey Principality since December 28, 2019
Cabinet Secretariat of the Secretariat of State: [email protected]

Father Eliseo
(alias Emanuele Tagliaferro)

Vicar General